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Marquise Goodwin: Jimmy Garoppolo has ‘swag’

After Goodwin’s monster day he spoke about how Garoppolo has instantly built chemistry with his team

The San Francisco 49ers’ first road win of 2017 was with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm. He hadn’t had much time to get acclimated with the starting wide receivers so when he threw for 293 yards in his debut as the team’s starter there was wonder how he built chemistry so fast with his receiving group.

Marquise Goodwin, who caught all eight passes that Garoppolo threw his way for 99 yards spoke to the media after the game and complimented his quarterback’s professionalism and poise as the reason behind his ability to mesh so instantly with his new team.

He's a professional, we’re both professionals. He’s been in the game for some years now, got a couple rings, so no big deal. Nah, he’s a phenomenal athlete, phenomenal leader. That was all him. I had the easy job today. I just had to catch the ball. He put it in the perfect position for me to make the plays.

Goodwin was not the only receiver who had a big day. Trent Taylor caught all six passes thrown his way for 92 yards. The team, who has had a few issues with drops this season was complimented by their head coach Kyle Shanahan who said they had one of their best days catching the ball today. When Goodwin was asked if Garoppolo’s throws are easier to catch, he replied:

Look at him! he’s got it together. He came in, in a short time helping us flip this thing around. Some people are just winners and he’s a winner.

Garoppolo threw into double and triple coverage through the day. One pass to Goodwin was coming out of Garoppolo’s hand has Goodwin was making his way on a crossing route. Needless to say the wide receiver was impressed:

It’s very impressive. I mean he’s just a confident guy. When you play with confidence like that you’re unstoppable.

It’s not just 49ers fans who are impressed, Garoppolo’s teammates are too:

Everything about him, how he carries himself and how he speaks, his swag. He's got swag.