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Week 17 NFL schedule: AM implications

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers get going later this afternoon, but in the meantime, we get a few matchups of note. The only games impacting the playoffs are Jets-Patriots and Browns-Steelers. If the Patriots win or the Steelers lose, New England claims home field advantage through the AFC playoffs. If the Patriots lose and the Steelers win, Pittsburgh claims home field advantage.

There are plenty of games however that will impact draft order. The 49ers are currently tied with three other teams at 5-10, a game ahead of three 6-9 teams, and a game behind two 4-11 teams. For this morning, the 49ers are tied with the Bears and Jets and a game behind the Texans, all of whom are in action.

Here is the full Week 17 AM schedule.

Packers @ Lions - FOX
Texans @ Colts - CBS
Bears @ Vikings - FOX
Jets @ Patriots - CBS
Washington @ Giants - FOX
Cowboys @ Eagles - FOX
Browns @ Steelers - CBS