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49ers wide receivers follow Marquise Goodwin’s lead, wear white for road trip

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The San Francisco 49ers face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 17, which meant a Saturday afternoon departure. The team posts pictures from their road trip departures, and you can check out the latest here.

My favorite picture is this one featuring the wide receivers all wearing white. The reason for the all-white is in support of Marquise Goodwin. Since the death of his newborn son, Goodwin has been wearing white as a way to symbolize his growth.

“The white symbolizes my growing period,” Goodwin said. “When we lost our child, I wanted to challenge my mind to keep focused on something else. The white keeps me from feeling sorry for myself. It gives me something else to worry about besides the things I've lost this year.”

The 49ers will be wearing road whites, which is certainly a fitting way to close out the season. They’ll likely be wearing white tops and the gold pants. The Rams are wearing their 80s and 90s throwback blue and yellow uniforms, so it would be kind of cool if the 49ers were able to wear their throwback “all whites” from the mid-90s.