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Marquise Goodwin scores touchdown on crazy Shanahan-designed fake end around

The 49ers have their first touchdown of Week 17 on a play that was well designed and executed.

The San Francisco 49ers are leading the Los Angeles Rams 10-0 in Week 17, and Marquise Goodwin has his second touchdown of the season. The play is worth watching above as it shows an amazing design by Kyle Shanahan and excellent execution by the players.

Goodwin lined up just off the line to the right and went into what looked like an end-around run. Jimmy Garoppolo faked the handoff to Carlos Hyde, but then Goodwin quickly turned away from Garoppolo and as he ran toward the sideline, turned upfield. Garoppolo tossed the ball over the Rams linebacker trying to bring the pass rush, and Goodwin caught it with nothing but open space in front of him.

We have not seen this play design before, at least this season. It is the kind of creative play design Kyle Shanahan brings to the table. Jimmy Garoppolo has been huge in the team’s late season resurgence, but imagine what he and Shanahan will be able to do together next year with a full offseason together? It’s exciting to consider!