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Marquise Goodwin offered up his bus seat to Jimmy Garoppolo following Week 13 victory

It’s safe to say 49ers players are fans of the new starting quarterback.

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The San Francisco 49ers got an impressive performance out of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 13, and the players appear to recognize what’s up. Jim Trotter tweeted that when the players were getting ready to leave Soldier Field on the team bus, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin offered up his first row seat when Garoppolo boarded the bus. Apparently it came with other players cheering it on.

C.J. Beathard earned a lot of respect from his teammates during his starting run. He took a thumping with extended opposing pressure. The players cheering on Garoppolo are not making a statement about previous quarterbacks, but rather simply a statement about how well Garoppolo acquitted himself.

We cannot get inside Garoppolo’s head on Sunday, or that of any of the players. However, something about Garoppolo’s presence felt comfortable. With a month of practice under his belt, he was calm, cool, and collected. Tim Kawakami noted his ability to have full control of the huddle, including making it clear when players were in the wrong spot for the play.

This was only one game, but it is certainly a confidence booster. The 49ers face some tough defenses the rest of the way, and the challenges will intensify for Garoppolo. However, if he maintains his poise like we saw on Sunday, it’s hard not to think this will only get better as he grows more comfortable with the offense. And heading into next season with a returning Pierre Garçon and potentially some significant upgrades at the skill positions and along the offensive line, things are looking up at the quarterback position.