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Breaking down the 49ers’ 2 sacks of Mitchell Trubisky

The 49ers sacked Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky twice on Sunday, and we’re here to break down the film.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to getting sacks. They are tied for 25th in the league with the Oakland Raiders at just 22 total sacks. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the top team in the league with 45 sacks. That’s a ... fairly sizable difference.

There have been some bright spots as far as the pass rush goes, though. The 49ers are getting production out of some surprising places, such as the aging Elvis Dumervil and, most recently, recent signee Cassius Marsh. It would be nice if DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas were getting sacks constantly, but they have looked good as a whole, so that’s at least something.

Against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the 49ers brought down Mitchell Trubisky twice. Dumervil and Marsh each got a sack and rather than waste your time blabbering on, we’re going to jump right into the film review.

7:04 in 1st Quarter, 3rd and 8 from CHI 27: Trubisky sacked at CHI 24 for -3 yards (Dumervil)

The Bears double team DeForest Buckner, something they did for most of Sunday’s game. They neutralized Buckner well, including on this play. Solomon Thomas can’t get past his guy, but Dumervil can. He goes far, far outside the right tackle and brings down Trubisky from behind. Trubisky actually begins to run to get away from Thomas, who is in prime position to disengage from his blocker. But Dumervil gets the sack.

The Bears really didn’t have a lot going on as far as receiving options go on this play. Trubisky gets a man over the middle who isn’t quite open, as the 49ers have someone underneath, but that player is preoccupied. It’s possible Trubisky can pick up the first down or get close to it, but the 49ers have the underneath coverage pretty well figured out.

0:40 in 3rd Quarter, 3rd and 6 from CHI 29: Trubisky sacked at CHI 20 for -9 yards (Cassius Marsh) FUMBLES

Before we get to the sack itself, let’s address the fact that Trubisky is about to throw it and, by the looks of it, he’s about to throw it far. This isn’t a sign that someone was open big time, it was more him wanting to toss the ball up down the sideline with a prayer.

To the actual sack, it’s all Cassius Marsh. He comes around the outside of the left tackle, who is definitely supposed to get wide to get him, but Marsh is way too fast. The tackle made a mistake, for sure, but Marsh’s speed made the play happen. He comes from nowhere and knocks the ball loose before Trubisky’s arm actually comes forward. It’s a great play overall, really. Dumervil also got some solid pressure on the play.