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Jimmy Garoppolo subverts Trent Taylor-Julian Edelman comparison

At a press conference on Wednesday, Garoppolo didn’t take the bait when faced with the stereotypical white receiver question.

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was asked about rookie wide receiver Trent Taylor at a press conference on Wednesday, and the exchange was pretty humorous. Specifically, Matt Barrows asked Garoppolo if Taylor is similar to any of the wide receivers in New England.

Of course, this is referring to Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, a nod to lazy commentary teams consistently comparing white receivers only to other white receivers in the NFL. Here is how the exchange went down.

Barrows: “Do those guys, and Trent specifically, remind you of anybody in New England, just their ability to get open?” Barrows asked.

Garoppolo: “Are you hinting at something here?”

Barrows: “A little bit.”

Garoppolo: “I think Trent’s a very talented player. Very young, he’s still learning things. But having guys in New England who are very similar to him, I think it’s gonna help us acclimate to one another — him acclimate to me, and me do the same to him. He has a savviness for the game, and it’s rare in a young guy like that.

Eric Branch interjects: “Is he more like Amendola or Edelman?”

“There it is. He’s more like a Randy Moss, really.” Garoppolo said. “He’s a really good player though.”

That was the entire back-and-forth. I hope the original question was tongue-in-cheek, since beat writers should be a lot better than commentary people on TV, and I believe it was. In all, it was a pretty funny exchange and Garoppolo was smiling during it.

Moss is, of course, one of the best wide receivers to play in the NFL. An amazing deep threat, he shares some similarities with Taylor, but the answer was more to subvert the cliche question than anything else.

When Taylor was asked about it, though, he had a pretty great response to it all:

Go get ‘em, Taylor.