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Todd McShay detailed the 49ers biggest draft needs

ESPN’s draft analysts answered 25 questions about the 2018 NFL Draft.

The 2018 NFL Draft is still five months away, but the approaching end of the college football season means draft analysis and prognostication is well under way. ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay recently sat down to answer 25 questions related to the upcoming draft.

The topics ranged from pick predictions to ranking positions. They did not specifically predict the San Francisco 49ers pick, but Todd McShay did speak to their needs. The question was whether or not quarterback is still in play if they get a top two pick. McShay had this to say.

No. I think Garoppolo can be a starting-caliber quarterback in San Francisco. He's only 26 years old. He needs a better supporting cast around him. Wide receiver and offensive line are two of the 49ers' biggest needs, and because there isn't an elite lineman or wide receiver worthy of the top pick, the first thing I would do is put the pick on the block for the highest bidder that is looking to move up to take one of the quarterbacks. The 49ers' rebuild will take some time, and they need multiple picks.

A trade down suggestion is not surprising, but I am surprised there isn’t more mention of defensive options. Offensive line and wide receiver are both areas of need, but edge rusher and cornerback are also of particular note.

The 49ers have invested some serious draft capital in the defense, but that should not preclude another first round pick if the option is there. I would personally prefer a trade down for a haul of picks, but whether that happens or not, adding another big impact player to the defense would be fine by me.