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2017 Piesman Trophy ceremony live stream

College football’s regular season comes to an end with the annual Army Navy game, followed by the handing out of the 2017 Heisman Trophy. Once we get through all that, bowl season will be upon us!

Before we get to either of those events, however, it is time for the third annual Piesman Trophy presentation! Three years ago, SB Nation launched the Piesman Trophy to honor the best play in which an offensive or defensive lineman throws, catches, or runs with the ball. The play can happen at any level of college football, from FBS to Division III. These kinds of plays are things linemen don't usually do, and so SB Nation felt it was necessary to honor such a play.

The three finalists are Louie Gartner (St. Francis), Carl Granderson (Wyoming), and Brock Riggs (Heidelberg). We had 21 nominees, and you can view all the plays here.

This year’s ceremony will include a new award. 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell will be handing out the Luther Campbell Fan Favorite Award. It will effectively be an award for a big man play that came prior to the launch of the Piesman three years ago.

You can watch the ceremony at the top of the page, but if you have any issues, click here.