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49ers-Texans Madden 18 Simulation

Can the re-tooled 49ers get the respect of a win?

Well, I certainly didn’t see last week going like that. Foot in my mouth on that prediction and absolute joy Madden got it wrong.

This week, the San Francisco 49ers have a new test and its the Houston Texans. Without DeShaun Watson or J.J. Watt, the team is still competitive and in many ways, better built than the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo surprisingly didn’t have much issues getting the ball out last week, but he’s facing a tougher pass rusher this week in Jadeveon Clowney. If he continues to stay upright and gets the ball out, the case grows stronger that the 49ers need to get him a contract.

Going into this simulation, the 49ers are sitting with a Madden ranking of 76, the Texans have a 75 ranking. That means in Madden logic, the 49ers are a better team and should blow them out, right?

We’ll see.

Quarter Length: 6 minutes
Notable Inactives for 49ers: NONE (HELL YEAH!).
Notable Inactives for Texans: Braxton Miller (WR), Alfred Blue(RB), Julien Davenport(OT)
Games Simulated: 3

Carlos Hyde breaks a bill

FINALLY! The 49ers running back who has been victim of an ongoing gag in these simulations gets 100 yards averaged in his three simulations against the Texans, 108 yards to be exact. To add to those yards, Hyde finished averaging a touchdown in each of his games. His passing numbers weren’t really anything to write home about, but the fact he could pound the ball may mean he’s in for a big day Sunday.

DeAndre Hopkins is held under 100 yards

The star receiver for the Texans never got to dominate against a vulnerable San Francisco secondary, averaging only 73 yards and no touchdowns. If the 49ers can keep him in check it’s one less disaster to worry about, especially late in the games. All three simulations had some 4th quarter heroics by the Texans offense that had them getting a few unanswered touchdowns, but only one game had any of this working.

Tank Caradine is a beast

The 49ers defensive lineman had himself a few games, averaging 2.5 sacks. Tank really could become a mainstay on this 49ers defense if that line can get some gel going. All they are missing is the sacks, Tank may be the guy to provide such great things.

Final Score: 25-21, 49ers

While the scores seem close, the games really weren’t. Only one game had the Texans beating the 49ers, thanks to a last-minute, go-ahead touchdown at the end of the 4th quarter, letting them win by 4 points. In another game, the 49ers led 30-10 at the start of the 4th quarter, only for the Texans to get in those garbage time TDs.

Garoppolo wasn’t terrible, as he posted a 60 percent completion rate, which seems about what to expect (only one pick across all three games). 25-21 seems very believable for this matchup. Regardless of the Madden rankings, I do not see the Texans winning this game tomorrow given their current attempt at doing their best 49ers impression for injuries.