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Golden Nuggets: Adam Peters Hired

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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The hires for the San Francisco 49ers are coming fast all of a sudden. A day after John Lynch was introduced as the new 49ers general manager, the 49ers hired Adam Peters from the Denver Broncos as Vice President of Player Personnel. At Denver, Adam worked in the scouting department and before coming to Denver, he had worked with the New England Patriots. Reports say that he comes highly regarded in NFL circles.

Adam Peters is a good hire by all accounts and will help the 49ers rebuild a roster in need of good players. He will need to help 1st time GM John Lynch and assistant GM Tom Gamble with navigating free agency and the draft. They will have a lot of money that can be used to rebuild with free agents and the #2 pick in the upcoming draft. The experience that Adam and Tom possess in player personnel will be a major asset in selecting free agents and players in the draft that will work for Kyle Shanahan.

John Lynch is looking to have collaboration within the 49ers. As someone who moved from the TV booth to the front office, he knows he will need to rely on people to help him. Hiring someone as respected as Adam Peters looks like a clear sign that he is not afraid to hire smart people to help him out. A name that has been floated around as a possible target for a role is Kyle Shanahan’s dad, Mike. 49ers fans would like to have a figure from the 49ers glory years back, but Kyle said his father is not coming to help out. Regardless, with the hirings of John Lynch and Adam Peters and the unofficial hiring of Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers look to finally be heading in a good direction. Only time and wins will tell if this is true.

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