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PFT suggests Jay Cutler could be 49ers target

Jay Cutler’s nine years as a color analyst will probably result in a whole lot of random rumors that never get substantiated.

John Lynch spent the past nine years as a broadcaster on FOX and for Denver Broncos preseason games. During that time he has said a lot of things about a lot of players. We heard about his 2016 love for Kirk Cousins, and now Pro Football Talk is pointing out his friendship and praise for Jay Cutler.

PFT found an old interview in which he said that he thought Cutler had some growing up to do, but the Broncos erred in letting him go too soon.

"I like Jay, he's a friend of mine," Lynch said. "He had some growing up to do, probably still has some growing up to do. But in saying that, I think the Broncos erred in letting him go.

"This is a guy, in my mind, that's a once-in-every-15-year-type talent. He's got that kind of skill. I think he'll grow into the other things. I sometimes think during this whole ordeal, they tried to paint him as a bad guy, but he's not a bad guy at all. He's got some growing up to do, but hopefully he learned something from this whole ordeal and offseason."

Cutler is under contract through 2020, but the Bears could decide to move on from him. A trade or roster cut will save them $14 million in cap space, and only cost them $2 million in dead money. The QB trade market is slowly growing, with Cutler potentially joining Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo as tradable options. Cutler could end up one of the cheaper options from a draft pick perspective.

Whether or not the 49ers have interest in Cutler, this raises more questions about just how many rumors will be floated based on things Lynch has said in the media over the past nine years. It is all fair game given that it is public information, but it could lead to a whole host of rumors that are going to go nowhere. When it comes to quarterbacks every option is probably fair game for rumors, but if Lynch has talked about the guy (likely given how many games he has worked), it will get even more mention.