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Mike Mayock: ‘I would be scared to death [to draft a QB] in the top 10’

The 49ers need a quarterback, but will they spend the No. 2 overall pick on it? Mike Mayock does not seem to think they should.

The lead up to the 2017 NFL Draft will feature plenty of opinions about the quarterback class, and the latest comes from respected analyst Mike Mayock. This is his busy season, and in a recent podcast appearance, he brought up his concerns about the group.

DeShaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, and DeShone Kizer are viewed by many as the top three options in this year’s class. Mayock said on the podcast that he would be “scared to death” to draft a quarterback in this year’s top ten. He offered a few thoughts on each quarterback.

Watson: Concern about his ability to maintain accuracy when his first read is not open, particularly while remaining in the pocket.

Trubisky: "If (Trubisky is) so talented and gifted, and a top-10-type pick, one of the first questions a lot of teams are asking is, why couldn't he beat out Marquise Williams the last couple years at North Carolina? What's the answer to that one?"

Kizer: "The problem I have is that (Kizer's) pocket mechanics seem to break down at the worst times. He got removed in the fourth quarter from two or three games last year. He got replaced at Stanford, he got replaced at USC. I've watched five of his games so far, and in almost every game at critical times, the pocket mechanics, the feel in the pocket, the decisions you're making with the football, seems to break down when the team needs him the most."

How do you rank these three, and really, the rest of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft?