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Daniel Kilgore gets slight 2017 base salary increase

We break down the latest impact on the 49ers salary cap.

The San Francisco 49ers introduced GM John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan on Thursday, and while they are only just getting started, there is still plenty to report about the football operations side of things. Last week I reported on Ahmad Brooks’s base salary de-escalation. I’m back today with an update on center Daniel Kilgore.

The 49ers center had a modest salary escalator in his contract. His base salary increased from $1 million, to $1.15 million. It is not a huge difference, and it is the proverbial drop in the bucket given the 49ers significant salary cap space.

Kilgore is entering the final year of a four-year deal he signed in February 2014. Here is what the final year of his deal looks like:

Base Salary: $1,150,000
Prorated Signing Bonus: $337,500
Per Game Roster Bonus: $250,000 (Only 13 games count, a total of $203,125, against the cap due to him missing 3 games this past season)
Workout Bonus: $50,000
Salary Cap Number: $1,700,000

The 49ers will be overhauling significant parts of the 49ers roster. They have quite a few options for the offensive line, but we really have no idea what they have planned for the unit. I don’t think they will be cutting players left and right, but there will be plenty of changes across the roster.

If the 49ers did decide to release Kilgore for whatever reason, they would save $1,355,125 in salary cap room, and carry $337,500 in dead money.

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