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Oddsmaker offers insight into potential Jimmy Garoppolo trade options

Where might Jimmy Garoppolo end up in 2017? An oddsmaker offered some possibilities.

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The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of options to consider as they begin the process of figuring out the quarterback position in 2017 and beyond. They have a ton of cap space and plenty of draft picks, providing a plethora of option.

One of the most notable is Jimmy Garoppolo. The New England Patriots backup quarterback is entering the final year of his contract, and he along with Tony Romo and maybe Jay Cutler will be among the most prominent names on the trade market.

The folks at put together odds on where Garoppolo will end up playing in 2017. Chicago is his most likely destination, but it also wouldn't be a shock if New England held onto him.

Chicago Bears +150
New England Patriots +250
San Francisco 49ers +1250
Cleveland Browns +1500
New York Jets +2000
Houston Texans +2500
Denver Broncos +3000

Jason La Canfora has been pushing the Bears as the most likely destination for the Eastern Illinois product. There were previous reports the 49ers and Browns would both be interested, and really, you could attach any team with quarterback questions to Garoppolo. I imagine we will hear more suggestions as the new league year approaches. Leverage isn’t going to create itself!

The most interesting name on this list is the team where he currently resides. The Patriots have him under contract for one more year, after which they can either place the franchise tag on him, figure out some kind of extension or let him walk as an unrestricted free agent. My guess is they deal him, but maybe they wait until after the draft and see who is still desperate. I would be shocked if they stayed the whole year and walked as a free agent, but if they can’t get a decent pick, a comp pick is also an option. I still think he ends up dealt sooner rather than later.