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49ers remove equipment manager Steve Urbaniak

The culture change is in full effect. Steve Urbaniak’s 18 years with the organization has come to an end.

With John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan comes a slight overhaul of everything affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers. The strength and conditioning staff has been handed pink slips, and now longtime equipment manager, Steve Urbaniak has been informed his services will no longer be needed.

Matt Maiocco wrote a great piece about Urbaniak’s work not just with the 49ers, but with the NFL in general. All except for a pro bowl.

Obviously, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch will want to fill the role with another one of their guys, but Maiocco’s piece shows that this guy did a lot in his 10 years with the organization. Obviously Urbaniak’s seen a lot of good and bad—this guy was around during the days of Steve Mariucci.

Equipment managers, strength and conditioning coaches, this is definitely not the end for all the restructuring the 49ers will be doing. The scouting department may get an overhaul after the draft concludes and Joan in Payroll? Well, we don’t know her fate, but even Joan in Payroll isn’t safe.