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PFT draws interesting comparison between Terrell Owens and Randy Moss for HoF discussion

Owens is being kept out of the Hall of Fame for silly reasons. Shouldn’t Randy Moss as well?

It’s very, very silly that Terrell Owens did not make the Hall of Fame this year. Owens is one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game. Was he a distraction? Maybe. Was the twilight of his career filled with negative headlines as opposed to positive ones? Definitely.

But the narrative that teams wanted to get rid of Owens is, frankly, stupid. I don’t always agree with the folks over at Pro Football Talk, but they continue to nail it regarding Owens.

Notably, they’ve pointed out an appearance from James Lofton on SiriusXM in which Lofton made it clear that the narrative that teams wanted to get of Owens is flat out untrue.

“He played for the 49ers for eight years,” Lofton said. “So was it in year one when they couldn’t wait to get rid of him? Was it in year four? Was it in year six? Was it when they signed a six-year, $40 million contract with him? There’s no reality there. Maybe the last couple of weeks or the last half of the last season, maybe. But he was a pretty good teammate. They like the way he played.”

On Sunday, they asked whether or not the same narrative would keep Randy Moss out of the Hall of Fame. Moss, like Owens, rocked the boat and his fair share of negative attention. But there is actual proof that Moss was difficult to deal with. Shouldn’t he be kept out as well using that same logic?

Owens was not just passed over for the Hall of Fame, but he didn’t even make the cut to the final 10. The debate over him was one of the longest in the marathon voting session, but he still didn’t make that final 10.

Again, we’ll point to PFT for some guidance. They’ve taken a look at the fact that some people just don’t like Owens and how that’s a major factor. They also took a deeper dive into the false narrative that teams wanted to get rid of him.

It’s simply not true. Owens is an all-world receiver who made every team he played for better. He should be in the Hall of Fame.