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Bobby Turner to be one of the highest paid running backs coaches

The 49ers have invested heavily in their new running backs coach.

The San Francisco 49ers have finalized a few of their coaching staff contracts, and the most notable thus far would be new running backs coach Bobby Turner. MMQB columnist Peter King is reporting the team has made Turner one of, if not the highest paid running backs coaches in the NFL. King said his salary will be least $625,000.

We have been talking about the departure of Tom Rathman and what it means, but by all accounts, the 49ers are getting an outstanding coach in Turner. Yesterday we had comments about Turner from The Falcoholic. Today, we have some comments from Peter King.

Turner’s the unsung loss. He’s the veteran running backs coach who, back in Denver, made a slew of low-drafted backs (Terrell Davis most notably) play great, and he was vital in the development of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman in Atlanta. But I applaud the Falcons. They could have played hardball and kept Turner. But Turner wanted to go with Shanahan—Turner obviously was close with Mike Shanahan—and he becomes a very influential senior adviser (he is 67) to Kyle Shanahan.

It will take more than a running backs coach to get the 49ers running game moving forward, but the RB coach has proven to be a critical component. The 49ers have not been able to develop a reliable young complementary option. Veterans Shaun Draughn and DuJuan Harris have been the best alternatives, with Mike Davis inactive the last half of this past season.