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Eagles looking to trade Mychal Kendricks

The 49ers need some ILB depth, but would they pay the salary Kendricks is due?

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to clear out cap space over the next month, and a notable player on the market is linebacker Mychal Kendricks. According to Philly Voice writer Jimmy Kempski, the Eagles are “willing to move on from” Kendricks, and “it is anticipated that teams around the league will have interest in acquiring Kendricks.”

Last week, former agent Joel Corry wrote about how the Eagles will need to make a decision on Kendricks sooner rather than later. $4.35 million of his 2017 base salary becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the new league year. Any deal or release will happen before then. Corry suggested they make a deal to swap him for Torrey Smith. The Eagles were reportedly interested in him leading up to the 2016 trade deadline, so maybe they push further on that.

Kempski’s report does not mean a deal will happen, but rather that they simply want to make it clear he is available. He was removed from nickel situations in 2016, making him a part-time player. If the Eagles trade Kendricks, they will save $1.8 million in cap space, but carry $4.8 million in dead money. If they release him it will be the same, but if they designate him a post June 1 cut, they will clear $5 million in cap space, and carry only $1.6 million in dead money.

Kendricks is due $5 million in total salary for 2017, $6 million in 2018, and $7 million in 2019. Only the $4.35 million in 2017 will be fully guaranteed in the event of a trade, so if a team thinks he can still be a full-time player, there is some value to be had. If teams think he will be more of a rotational guy, I don’t see a deal happening for that kind of salary.