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Film breakdown of Deshaun Watson’s 17 interceptions in 2016

Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, Adam Peters, and plenty more will be doing a ton of film breakdown of the 2017 quarterback class over the next two and a half months. The San Francisco 49ers need to figure out if their long-term solution is available this year, and it will likely be primarily on Shanahan to make the decision.

One player that will likely be on the short list is Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. He is coming off a big game against Alabama in the national title game, but there is plenty more film to break down. We’ll be doing some analysis of our own, but first off, I thought I would share this video from Inside The Pylon.

Watson had 17 interceptions this past season, an increase from his 13 in 2015. His interception per attempt increased slightly, from 2.64 percent to 2.94 percent. Mark Schofield took a look at all 17 interceptions and analyzed what happened on each of the plays. There is plenty more to consider with Watson, but this is some useful film to get a handle on one aspect of Watson.