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2017 NFL free agency, trade rumors: What do the odds tell us about Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo?

We break down’s odds on where two notable quarterbacks might land.

The new NFL league year gets going in less than a month, but there will be plenty of chatter in the weeks leading up to it. Most notably, when the 2017 NFL Combine gets going in two weeks, discussions will commence in earnest for a lot of potential deals. We’ll hear about potential free agents working on extensions, but we will also hear rumors begin circulating about trades and who teams might pursue in free agency.

The quarterback market is going to be particularly interesting, in part because it’s the most important position on the field, and in part because the market will be a little different. The most notable potential free agent right now is Kirk Cousins. Washington is expected to place the franchise tag on him, but it is possible they work out a trade if the right deal comes along.

The folks at put together odds for where Cousins ends up when Week 1 rolls around. Here are the five most notable odds. Washington is a favorite, with the 49ers getting the next best odds.

Washington -200
San Francisco 49ers +700
New York Jets +900
Chicago Bears +1200
Cleveland Browns +1300

Another quarterback of note will be Tony Romo. He is under contract, but the Dallas Cowboys are expected to trade him now that Dak Prescott has emerged. The Cowboys can deal him wherever they want, but in all likelihood, they will work together to find the right spot for the long-time Cowboy.

These early odds suggest the Broncos are a favorite, but they do give the 49ers some odds. I would be surprised if he ends up in San Francisco, although maybe a chance to work with Kyle Shanahan would appeal to him. Depending on what Houston does with Brock Osweiler, I would be more inclined to bet on the Texans.

Denver Broncos +300
Dallas Cowboys +350
Chicago Bears +400
San Francisco 49ers +600
Houston Texans +800