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Ed Werder, Peter King both think Jimmy Garoppolo is not traded this offseason

The Patriots have some options. I still think they trade Jimmy Garoppolo, but it could depend on how they feel about Jacoby Brissett.

The New England Patriots have a decision to make with regard to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s future, and two prominent NFL media members think he plays out this final year in Foxboro. MMQB editor Peter King and ESPN’s Ed Werder are both saying they do not expect a deal to happen.

Earlier this week, King wrote about a visit he made to Montana to chat with Tom Brady about Super Bowl 51 and his future. In his section “Ten things I think I think,” King said he does not think Garoppolo will be traded this offseason. He thinks that Garoppolo is the first guy Bill Belichick would look to in potentially replacing Brady. King said that anything the Patriots get from Brady moving forward is a bonus given his age. He pointed to next year’s playoffs saying:

“If I’m Belichick, I’m thinking: I’d rather have a quarterback on my roster who I know can win January games in 2017 than go without him and have a first-round pick instead. I can’t tell you how he’s thinking; I can only tell you that based on Belichickian logic, I think that’s most likely how he is thinking heading into the off-season.”

It reads like speculation, but Peter King has more contacts than most media members. You could also argue he has been around long enough to read the tea leaves.

On Thursday, Ed Werder offered up his own take on Garoppolo based on what he has heard in recent weeks.

It is possible the Patriots really do plan on sitting on Garoppolo this year. It is also possible the Patriots want that out there to drive up the trade price even further. The QB market is weak enough that it should not take a lot, but given Garoppolo’s lack of playing time through three seasons, it might take a little extra push to get what they want.

One X-factor in this is what the Patriots think of Jacoby Brissett. After Garoppolo got hurt in Week 2, he finished out that game strong. He played two more games, scoring a rushing touchdown in Week 3. He did not put up big numbers, but he looked more competent than a lot of third string quarterbacks might otherwise look. If the Patriots think Brissett is good enough insurance for Brady, it would make plenty of sense to deal Garoppolo.

My guess is the Patriots deal Garoppolo. There are some decent veteran backups on the market — guys you are comfortable with as insurance, but not someone you want starting 16 games. If I were the Patriots, I would deal Garoppolo, sign a veteran to compete with Brissett, and then potentially draft a late round developmental option.