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Vince Young might be headed to the CFL!

Well, this is ... something.

Former Texas QB star Vince Young is not quite ready to hang it up! The Rose Bowl legend, who could never really get it together in the NFL is attempting a comeback of sorts. Young signed with agent Leigh Steinberg in hopes of getting back on the field.

Young has not taken a regular season snap since 2011, and hasn’t played a preseason snap since 2014. Last month, he was sentenced to 16 months probation for a 2016 drunk driving arrest. He has been working at his alma mater in their community engagement department, but it would appear he wants to give football another chance.

I would be surprised if he ever got back into the NFL, but in the meantime, he is looking at some alternative options. His agent tweeted out that he is in talks with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL about an opportunity.

If Young does sign with the Roughriders, it provides at least a little more reason to check out the CFL this year. I don’t know if I will necessarily watch, but I might keep an eye out for highlights. And who knows, maybe Young surprises us and has a late career renaissance. The odds are slim, but would this fall under “crazier things have happened?”