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Colin Kaepernick made Jeopardy

I’ll take running quarterbacks for $500, Alex

As far as Colin Kaepernick’s kneel down during the national anthem, it’s safe to say it got people talking. Politicians, public speakers, the NFL, you name it; anywhere you looked you could find an opinion on the whole thing. Then came South Park to make fun of it, and now to make the final chisel into granite that this kneel down had America talking, and has still kept them talking is the Jeopardy question.

I don’t watch Jeopardy, but then again, after David Letterman retired from The Late Show, I don’t watch much TV anyway, so I wasn’t the one to catch this. Instead a tweet from Valerie Martinez has the question in all its glory:

If you’re ever not sure something you did was significant or not, just wait and see if your cause/action gets 10 seconds for a trivia question—that means you’re on the right track. If in addition, the contestant gets it right, not only was your protest adequate, but people actually paid attention.