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Kyle Shanahan confirms Robert Saleh will serve as 49ers defensive coordinator

After multiple reports about Robert Saleh, the 49ers head coach confirms the news.

The San Francisco 49ers have not formally announced the news, but head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that Robert Saleh will serve as his defensive coordinator.

Shanahan appeared on KNBR for the first time and one of the questions was about Saleh's background. The question operated under the assumption that Saleh would become the defensive coordinator and Shanahan answered it without correction.

We will we will have a transcript later but Shanahan discussed Saleh's background and how they became connected through the Houston Texans. He specifically said that Saleh has a good working understanding of the Seahawks, Falcons, Jaguars defensive style and philosophy that he's looking to implement with the San Francisco 49ers. Shanahan talked about the need for physical Corners that can cover well and would like an all-encompassing corner, if he can get at least one of those traits he feels they can build around that.

We'll have more from the interview once the podcast is available.