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Kurt Warner makes the Hall of Fame case for Anquan Boldin

The stats are there, but he still seems a bit underrated.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced their new class two weeks ago, and quarterback Kurt Warner was among the group. Warner recently made an appearance on PFT Live to talk about the Hall of Fame, and he got a chance to discuss teammates he thinks should be in.

They asked Warner who he would stand on the table and argue deserves induction. Warner said that he figures Larry Fitzgerald is a lock and does not need his endorsement. Additionally, he thinks Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt will eventually get in, but he would push for them. However, he used his platform to push for former teammate Anquan Boldin.

I might bang the table for Anquan Boldin because I think of all those guys he gets the least respect for how great he is. It amazes me, we want to keep looking at measurables and how fast guys are as opposed to just one of the greatest football players I ever played with. Competed more than anybody I ever played against. Wanted the ball in his hands. Was a difference maker. Everybody tries to get rid of him, and he just goes and he’s the number one receiver on that next team. So I believe he’s the one that gets the least amount of respect. So I would love to get on the table for him as well because I believe when you look at his overall numbers and what he’s done it’s incredible as all those guys are. It’s a tough call but I want to get Isaac in because he belongs in and then I think ‘Q’ does too and so I would try to stand on the table for two guys if I could.

From a purely statistical standpoint, there is a decent argument for Boldin. He is ninth in career receptions, and 14th in receiving yards. And his work in the playoffs deserves credit as well. He is tenth all time in playoff receptions, 11th in playoff receiving yards, and 13th in playoff touchdown receptions. He benefited from expanded playoffs compared to back in the day, but he has been consistently productive in big situations.

The biggest issue he faces is the constant log-jam of wide receivers. The introduction of Randy Moss to the mix next year will make for an interesting discussion opposite Terrell Owens. Guys like Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt remain in the mix, and Reggie Wayne will join the discussion in a few years. Things might clear up a bit, but will Boldin get his due? People recognize he’s a really good receiver, but sometimes it seems like they underestimate just how tough he was. I mean, the guy played not long after breaking multiple bones in his face. I don’t know if we have seen a tougher receiver in the last 20 or 30 years.