2017 NFL Draft scouting report: Jerod Evans

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Jerod Evans is a dynamic quarterback from Virginia Tech. He attended the Air Force Academy as a freshman, but a torn ACL sent him back to Texas, where he played at Trinity Valley Community College. He hd never played in the FBS level before the 2016 season opener. With a good arm and near perfect touch on long balls, Evans proved able to lead the Hokies to a 10-4 season despite his lack of experience. A very mobile QB who can make plays with his legs and a good football player frame, Evans could be a sleeper for a team willing to be patient in developing a quarterback.

Position: Quarterback
School: Virginia Tech.
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 236 lbs
Age: 23
Class: Junior

2016 stats:

Completed Pass : 268 (4th in the conference)
Pass percentage: 63.5 (4th)
Passing yards: 3552 (3rd)
Yard per attempt: 8.4 (3rd)
TDS: 29 (4th)
Ints: 8 (6th)
12 rushing TDs in 14 games as starter.
4.1 yards per carry

Red flags:

Lack of experience.
Tear ACL in 2013

Games watched: Liberty; Tennessee; Boston College; North Carolina; Clemson

Rough Diamond:

Jerod Evans is a very athletic QB, have a Strong arm which with allow him to throw deep balls with out hang for much time. When running he looks like a receiver in the open field, with great body who does not run away from the tackles. He is very fast, but seems unable to get out of the pocket and prolong the play with his legs.

Evans is very raw on QB position due his lack experience in high level, but he displays some potential to make plays with his arms and legs.


Evans has good short accuracy and releases the ball with high speeds to complete short passes even in a tight window. His best type of throw appears to be the fade routes. He is almost perfect throwing this routes. The way the ball came out softly with amazing touch is almost art.

Possible best throw you will see today:

Great Throw

Evans needs to improve the ball placement. Sometimes he misses the timing and proper spotting, which prevents his receiver from gaining more yards after the catch. Evans is very standard with his throwing mechanics, but sometimes throws off his back foot, hurting his accuracy. He is very solid in the pocket, but once the defender breaks his comfort zone, the play is over. He is a good decision maker but has major problems facing the pressure, is very easily blinded by pressure, causing him to make mistakes.

Jerod’s trouble against pressure is very understandable due to the fact that the 2016 season was his first against FBS level talent. He is raw, but with potential.


Great arm
Great ball speed
Great ball carrier vision
Very dangerous running in open field
Fade Route


Lack of experience
Trouble when facing pressure
Problem to adjust to a dirty pocket
Inconsistent throwing deep balls

Fit for the 49ers?

He does not fit as an immediate fix to the 49ers QB position. But he could be valuable to take the job in 2 or 3 years under the mentoring of Kyle Shanahan and a good bridge QB.

I think he made a mistake declaring for the draft this year. If he does not fit the 49ers, he is probably a great name for Arizona Cardinals.

Projection: Day 3 pick in the 5th or 6th round

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