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49ers scout Reggie Cobb could be part of John Lynch’s transition to GM role

John Lynch is taking over as 49ers general manager, and he might already have a friend inside.

The San Francisco 49ers will be making a variety of changes to their football operations department as they welcome newcomers in John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and Adam Peters. However the power dynamic shakes out between this group, there will be plenty of work to do in getting the day-to-day operations running smoothly heading into the 2017 NFL Draft.

It turns out Lynch has at least one potential ally already in the building. Former NFL player, scout, and contract advisor Marc Lillibridge suggested that current 49ers scout Reggie Cobb could be someone Lynch relies on to help get things running.

Cobb played for the Bucs from 1990 to 1993, and Lynch got his start with the Bucs in 1993. Additionally, Cobb was a scout with the Bucs at the tail end of Lynch’s career. It would seem based on what Lillibridge is saying that they likely developed a rapport somewhere in there.

Cobb has been an NFL scout dating back to a 2001 assistant job with Washington. He spent two years there, then six years with the Bucs, and now six years with the 49ers. In 2011, Cobb was named the Fritz Pollard Alliance’s NFC Scout of the Year, and has . He has not advanced beyond the scout ranks, but maybe the hiring of Lynch moves him into a more advanced position. It would appear his experience is exclusively on the college scouting side. We’ll see what the next few weeks and months bring in football operations restructuring.