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Golden Nuggets: Two whole links not about Shanahan or Lynch!

San Francisco 49ers links about our new GM and soon to be new HC for Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

If I was a better writer, I’d have a better title, and perhaps some analysis that Fooch hasn’t already covered. With that being said, we finally have our new GM. We wait for our new HC to sign. The most important thing we can really do today is worry about what the Browns will be doing this offseason - and we’ve got a link about it!

The other non-Lynch non-Shanahan link is about a 2016 assistant finding a job.

Onto the Shanahan/Lynch news!

Kawakami: John Lynch the anti-Baalke | Kawakami, Mercury

Azz moves across the Bay, DL coach for Cal | Lefkow, Mercury

GM Lynch’s interviews a secret on his command | Staff, Mercury

Shanahan not tying SB result to career | Maiocco, CSNBA

A brief review of Shanahan’s success on both the ground and air | Maiocco, CSNBA

Lynch brings Denver brass as top help | Wagoner, ESPN

GM Lynch speaks highly of Marathe | Biderman, USA Today

Browns likely to make moves for Jimmy Grops | Biderman, USA Today

Steve Young speaks highly of GM Lynch | Jones, KNBR

Florio: Jay Cutler a person of interest for 2017 49ers | Florio, NBC Sports

GM Lynch shows confidence in press meeting | Fann,

Regarding GM Lynch’s HOF aspirations | Staff,