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DeShaun Watson will do everything at the 2017 NFL Combine

The Clemson quarterback is going to be very popular at next week’s NFL Combine.

The San Francisco 49ers will be plenty busy at the 2017 NFL Combine, and that will almost assuredly include spending time watching and meeting with all the top quarterback prospects. The coaches and scouts are preparing their wish list of quarterbacks, and the Combine will provide a chance to get into some of the nitty gritty.

One quarterback that is likely on their radar is Clemson’s DeShaun Watson. Coming off a huge performance against Alabama in the national title game, Watson has a lot of momentum heading into the Combine. He did not participate in the Senior Bowl, but he told the Associated Press that he plans on taking part in all activities at the Combine.

"That's the plan," Watson told the Associated Press on Monday. "Run, throw, meetings, everything."

Watson acknowledged hearing the rumblings about his draft stock as a potential top five or ten pick. He offered up the usual cliches about controlling what he can control and staying positive.

There have been some anonymous scouts and executives suggesting he should not be a day one pick, but with the QB needs that are out there, Watson seems all but assured of going in the first round. The 49ers, Browns, and Bears are teams that could very well invest a high first round pick in the position. The Bills, Jets, an a few others could as well, but their situations are a little more unpredictable. But it is safe to say Watson will be a popular participant in next week’s NFL Combine.