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Tyrod Taylor medically cleared from groin surgery

This could make it easier for the Bills to move on from Taylor, if they so choose.

The Buffalo Bills have a decision to make in the coming weeks regarding quarterback Tyrod Taylor, but they seem to think it should not be complicated by his injury guarantee. ESPN reporter Adam Schefter tweeted that a team source told him Taylor has been medically cleared from his groin surgery.

Taylor had the surgery on January 3, and Ian Rapoport said it was a six week recovery. If that is correct, then it makes sense Taylor would be medically cleared at this point midway through February. However, as Pro Football Talk pointed out, it is significant that the report comes from team source, and not a source more connected to Taylor.

Taylor’s deal includes $27.5 million in guarantees contingent on the Bills not cutting Taylor by March 11. However, the money has an injury guarantee already in place. if the Bills decide they want to move on from Taylor, and try and cut him, Taylor could potentially file a grievance if he thinks he would not pass a physical.

The timeline mentioned after the surgery would suggest this is not an issue. However, if the Bills release Taylor, maybe things change. For the time being, things are a little bit easier for the Bills to release Taylor.