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Patrick Mahomes’ 2nd round draft evaluation and what the QB has heard

Patrick Mahomes is a potential first round pick, but he is hearing a broad range of options.

The 2017 NFL Draft quarterback class has focused on Mitch Trubisky and DeShaun Watson as strong candidates to be the first off the board, with DeShone Kizer occasionally mixed in. One quarterback who could sneak into the first round, or at least not last long into the second round is Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes made an appearance on PFT Live to talk with Mike Florio about the pre-draft process. During the interview, he said that the NFL’s College Advisory Committee gave him a second round evaluation. When underclassmen are trying to figure out if they should turn pro, a school can submit their name to the committee for evaluation. They will then issue a rating of “potential first round,” “potential second round,” or neither.

Back in January, Mahomes declared for the draft, at which point he first mentioned the Advisory Committee’s evaluation. He also said his camp had spoken with various people and had heard anywhere from first to third round. The draft evaluation serves as a guideline, but is no guarantee of anything. According to the Advisory Committee, since 2015, 45 players have received either a first- or second-round evaluation. They had a drafted-round average of 1.89, with five drafted in the third round and three drafted later than that.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport said a couple weeks ago that he had spoken with some talent evaluators who said Mahomes was their favorite quarterback in this class. Of course, one anonymous executive also liked Davis Webb over any other option. Opinions are going to be all over the place in a year where there is no “sure thing” available.

The 49ers have some decisions to make at quarterback. If Myles Garrett goes No. 1, as many people expect, the 49ers have first dibs on a quarterback. If they decide none is worth the No. 2 pick, the Chicago Bears at No. 3 and the Cleveland Browns at No. 12 are very likely to draft a quarterback barring a trade before then.

Mitch Trubisky, DeShaun Watson, and/or DeShone Kizer could all go off the board somewhere in there. And it is still possible Mahomes is selected a little later in the round, either by a team with a pick or someone moving up from the second round. It seems more and more likely that Mahomes ends up as that guy who quietly climbs up the board and is the surprise late first round pick.