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Noted 49ers fan The Game thinks Jay Cutler is the answer at QB

Everybody has an opinion on the 49ers quarterback situation.

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make at the quarterback position, and everybody has thoughts on the subject. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with rapper The Game to ask him his thoughts on Jay Cutler. Game is a big 49ers fan, showing off his 49ers tattoo in the video above. The cameraman asked him about Jay Cutler, and he was rather excited about Cutler being available

“I would love to have Jay Cutler. Like love! Anybody, man. Can you throw the football? We need somebody.”

When asked what Cutler would bring to the team, Game had this to say:

“[Jay could] turn us around, bring us back to playoff contention. We’re gonna be alright ... We need somebody stable and Jay Cutler has been stable his whole career. I’d take him.”

There are going to be arguments made for why a team should add Jay Cutler, but I’m not sure consistency is the best one. He has had significant stretches where he has looked good, but injuries have not been kind to him. He turns 34 this offseason, so future injuries are something we can’t write off.

I do think he could be an interesting bridge QB, but I wonder if he would actually want to come to Santa Clara. There is talk he might consider retirement if the Bears try and ship him to an undesirable location. He did not get a signing bonus in his last deal, so he would not owe any money if he chose to retire. And it could also force the Bears to release him, which would put him in a better position to pick his destination.

I could see him wanting to play with an offensive mind like Shanahan, but the next couple years could be rocky ones for the 49ers on-field product. If Cutler can find a contender this offseason, why go somewhere where he might not get a playoff shot while he plays out the string?