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Time stamps for Paraag Marathe podcast interview with Matt Maiocco

San Francisco 49ers executive vice president of football operations Paraag Marathe is rarely heard from on football matters. However, earlier this week, he took some time to chat with CSN Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco. They discussed a broad range of topics, hitting on several things people have often wondered about. They talked about analytics, the coaches’ booth, negotiating contracts, the GM/HC search, and plenty more.

The entire podcast interview is worth a listen when you get a free moment. However, if you are pressed for time and want to find some specific segments, Pat Holloway put together a rundown of time stamps for pertinent topics. There are some areas where Maiocco had him elaborate on a given topic, but this is a good breakdown of what was discussed when.

0:00 - his background, how he came to work for the 49ers

8:05 - How he came to understand the salary cap

9:20 - Talking about his time in the coaches’ booth under Mike Nolan

10:56 - Talking about his game management chart and his continued work on it

12:00 - Talking about game situations and how the chart can help with examples of strategy and information on it - mostly black and white information, as opposed to how to coach in a situation

12:53 - His involvement in analytics

15:26 - On teams following other teams with what they are doing. Do they share notes? Give advice?

17:46 - The perception around the league changing

18:25 - Process on figuring out contracts and player values, His reputation on being a football decision maker (19:53)

21:56 - His criticism on his role in the 49ers and his perception around the league.

25:25 - On not being on the Football decision making process, but how Jed and him worked when deciding on a GM and Head Coach

26:42 - Head coach/ GM search, how to identify candidates

28:41 - On job title change

30:52 - What have Lynch and Shanahan told him on how to help and what they expect

32:52 - If the rise in Salary cap space changes approach to evaluating players

33:39 - On Colin Kaepernick's relationship with Jed and Paraag

35:30 - Personal stuff, on his sister passing away from anorexia, how he uses his platform