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2017 NFL Draft comp picks: 49ers get additional fourth round pick

More picks! Well, more pick.

The NFL normally announces compensatory picks in March, but the league is announcing them earlier. The San Francisco 49ers announced on Friday that they have received a fourth round compensatory pick. It will be the 37th pick of the fourth round (No. 143 overall), which means it is the fifth comp pick of the round. Here is the full list of comp picks.

The pick comes due to the free agency departure of Alex Boone last year. The 49ers signed Zane Beadles, Rod Streater, and Thad Lewis in free agency. However, Beadles was released by the Jaguars so he did not count, and Streater and Lewis were non-qualifying additions.

This gives the 49ers 11 picks in the draft. This year marks the first that comp picks can be traded, so the 49ers have quite a haul they can move around. Past trade value charts will have to be adjusted a bit now that comp picks are available. Although, this will mostly impact the value at the back end. From a value perspective, No. 143 is middle of the fifth round. But that was before comp picks were tradable. I suppose there might be some value in coming up with a more pertinent trade value chart now.