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Details on K’Waun Williams one-year contract with 49ers

We’ve got some information on K’Waun Williams contract, including a cap figure and incentives.

The San Francisco 49ers signed three free agents this week, landing cornerback K’Waun Williams on a one-year deal, wide receiver DeAndre Carter on a two-year deal, and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell on a four-year deal. The Williams and Carter deals were made official by the 49ers, while the Mitchell paperwork is still being finalized.

Salary cap guru Jason Hurley has the details on the Williams contract. It is a one-year deal worth $690,000, including a $75,000 signing bonus. The deal includes a Week 1 roster bonus of $75,000, and $250,000 in not likely to be earned playing time incentives. Any incentives for Williams would be NLTBE because he did not play all last season.

Williams will compete for the team’s nickel role, but the deal is far from a guarantee of anything. Barring any unknown base salary guarantees, if he is released before Week 1, the team would carry $75,000 in dead money for the signing bonus, and nothing else. It could pay off big, but he will have to earn it. If he meets all the incentives, the cap hit would grow to $1,015,000. Either way, it’s a relative drop in the bucket for the time being.

K’Waun Williams contract details

Signing bonus: $75,000
Base salary: $615,000
Week 1 roster bonus: $75,000
NLTBE incentives: $250,000

Cap figure: $690,000
Dead money if released before Week 1: $75,000 (assuming no base salary guarantees)