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Joe Montana vs. Steve Young: The alternate Super Bowl 28

A thrilling ending to this one is only fitting.

Back in 1993, the San Francisco 49ers truly began the post-Joe Montana era, with the Hall of Fame quarterback traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in April of that year. Steve Young took over as starter in 1991, but the departure of Montana after the 1992 season closed the door one one era, and opened another.

The 1993 season almost saw a matchup of the two quarterbacks in Super Bowl 28. The 49ers missed the playoffs in 1991, in spite of a 10-6 record, but returned in 1992, getting to the NFC title game. They lost 30-20 to the Dallas Cowboys. They would return to the NFC title game following the 1993 regular season, but lost again to Cowboys, by a final score of 38-21. Seven years ago, we broke down that season here.

In the AFC, Montana’s arrival in Kansas City coincided with the arrival of running back Marcus Allen. The Chiefs were coming off three straight playoff appearances, but had never advanced past the divisional round. Following the 1993 regular season, they advanced to the AFC title game, losing to the Buffalo Bills by a final score of 30-13.

In the video above, SB Nation video guru Clay Wendler played through those playoffs again, and the 49ers and Chiefs both advanced this time around. The two sides put together a thrilling Super Bowl in the video, but I won’t give away the ending. Give it a watch!