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Mike Mayock suggests 5 prospects worthy of 49ers No. 2 pick

Would you take one of them, or look elsewhere?

The San Francisco 49ers hold the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and face a lot of questions. Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett is viewed by many as most likely to go No. 1, but there is no clear No. 2 option behind him. The 49ers have needs up and down the roster, so they will likely spend much of the next two months trying to figure out the elusive “best player available.”

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock had a conference call on Monday to discuss the prospects heading into the 2017 NFL Combine. Mayock can go on for hours talking prospects, so it is always a fun conversation. He gets into detail on most position groups, and will usually have something to say about virtually every team.

In response to a question about the 49ers, Mayock suggested five prospects were worth of the second overall pick. He included pass rusher Myles Garrett, safeties Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams, linebacker Reuben Foster, and defensive tackle Jonathan Allen.

Mayock acknowledged the tremendous potential of Myles Garrett, but he also said that Jonathan Allen was a safer prospect for the Cleveland Browns at No. 1. He talked about injuries and versatility as to why Allen could be viewed as safer.

Mayock could see as many as four quarterbacks going in the first round, but he does not like any of them in the top ten. He sees too many holes in their games to be ready to start from day one. We all know that won’t stop teams from drafting them high, but Mayock looked more at what he thought was a better fit.

If Garrett does go No. 1, who among that group would you look to take at No. 2? Or maybe you have someone else in mind. If you pick other, let us know in the comments.