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Did Roddy White throw a little shade at Russell Wilson?

I could be misreading White’s tweet, but it certainly seems to suggest he does not think Russell Wilson is a particularly good quarterback.

Former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White went on a bit of a Twitter rant Monday evening, and somehow might have unintentionally thrown Russell Wilson under the bus.

White went on a brief rant about how front offices do not get enough blame when a team does not put it all together. He said everything is put on the quarterback, even as the front office fails to surround the player with quality talent. Even the best quarterbacks have only so much they can do to help the defense (extended drives). And without enough weapons around the quarterback, teams often suffer.

However, it was one tweet in particular that caught my eye. White tweeted about how he is, “tired of every week on these shows people saying if u don’t have a QB u can’t win the ravens did and Tampa did Seattle did.”

The Seahawks won their Super Bowl thanks in large part to a great defense and a strong running game. However, Russell Wilson was certainly worth more than chump change that season. Is this Roddy White suggesting Wilson is not a particularly good quarterback? Or am I misreading what he is saying?