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Better Rivals podcast: Play-action, drive, four verticals, and Kyle Shanahan’s passing game

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David and Oscar tackle the passing game in their break down of Kyle Shanahan’s offense, and finally have the Kirk Cousins conversation. 

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we move on to the passing game in our deep dive on Kyle Shanahan’s offense. How does he use play action to build off the run game? What are his go-to drop-back passing concepts? How does he use complementary pass concepts to attack defenses? All that, plus compensatory picks, free agent signings, and the Kirk Cousins conversation.

Helpful Links

We realize a lot of what we’re talking about in this episode can be tough to visualize if you don’t already have some familiarity with the concepts. So here are a few links that help make things a little more clear as you’re listening.