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Tony Romo rumors now include Chiefs, Bills, Texans, Cardinals, Broncos

The trade rumor silly season is getting underway.

The quarterback market could be quite intriguing this offseason. Free agency could be limited to Kirk Cousins, but the trade market could end up including the likes of Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jay Cutler, and others. The San Francisco 49ers will be kicking the tires on a host of quarterbacks this offseason, but it remains to be seen who exactly will end up on their radar.

Of the quarterbacks on the trade market, Romo is the one who likely has the most say in his final destination. Jerry Jones is open to offers, but is likely to give his veteran QB some say in his final destination. The list of options is probably going to be limited to playoff contenders, which likely removes the 49ers from the list.

But the Romo market could end up rather robust. Earlier this week, Jason La Canfora reported Tony Romo’s list of options included the Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs. La Canfora also reported that the Buffalo Bills had interest in Romo.

We often need to take La Canfora’s reports with a grain of salt, but Ian Rapoport added a little more to it on Friday. Rapoport reported that the Chiefs are one of the teams that “could be interested in Romo,” and they are looking to upgrade their position following a second straight early playoff exit with Alex Smith at quarterback.

Could we actually see the Chiefs move on from Smith at this point? I think from a pure talent and production standpoint, Romo is an upgrade. But the injury issues are a major problem. He’s great when healthy, but that is as big a if for a team that is already playing solid football. Alex Smith is not a quarterback that will put a team on his shoulders week-in and week-out and put up huge numbers, but he is a guy who can do good things with the right weapons around him. Should the Chiefs make a move for Romo, or continue trying to add some more weapons around Smith and hope he can help get them to the promise land?

However this all plays out, there will be a lot of dominos falling when March arrives. I would not be surprised if one of the potential first round quarterback-needy teams ends up acquiring one of free agents or trade possibilities. Who it ends up being will be left to rumors for the next month.