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2017 NFL mock draft: 4 mocks, 3 quarterbacks has their first 2017 NFL mock drafts posted. We take a look at four of them.

The 2017 all star games wrapped up last weekend, and Sunday’s Super Bowl will move all 32 teams fully into the offseason. We’ll see the pre-draft process pick up steam the day after the Super Bowl, but in the meantime analysts have begun producing their mock drafts.

The league site will add more, but in the meantime, they have four 2017 NFL mock drafts posted. And of the four, three are offering the same thing. Daniel Jeremiah, Bucky Brooks, and Lance Zierlein all have Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett going No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns, and UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky going No. 2 to the San Francisco 49ers. Chad Reuter is the exception, mocking Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson to the Browns, and Myles Garrett to the 49ers.

During Senior Bowl week, Jeremiah said he could not find a personnel executive in Mobile that was excited about Trubisky. He did not say how many executives he spoke to, so I would not be surprised if he did not speak with every single team. Additionally, one executive for a team might not be excited about a player, while another is prepared to push hard for him.

All this is to say, there’s a good chance Trubisky and Watson both end up going in the first round. Teams are desperate for quarterbacks, and they will overpay as necessary. It happens year-in and year-out.

Here is what each of the mock drafters had to say about their Browns and 49ers picks.

Daniel Jeremiah

Garrett to Browns: “The Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback, but I think Garrett will be too tempting to pass up. He has all-pro talent and will be a perfect fit in Cleveland's new defensive scheme.”

Trubisky to 49ers: “The 49ers need to address the quarterback position and Trubisky has a very intriguing skill set. Trading down would also make a lot of sense because of the lack of talent on this roster.”

Bucky Brooks

Garrett to Browns: “Gregg Williams' arrival signals a shift to a 4-3 scheme. Browns nab the best DE in the 2017 class to anchor a rebuilt unit.”

Trubisky to 49ers: “Despite his inexperience, Trubisky could be the right fit for a potential Kyle Shanahan-led offense.”

Lance Zierlein

Garrett to Browns: “Garrett has an all-pro ceiling and combines elite traits with high-end football character. The Browns obviously need a quarterback, but they need great football players first and foremost, and Garrett has a chance to be special.”

Trubisky to 49ers: “While he has only one season of high-end production, the tape shows a player with an NFL arm, throwing anticipation and poise. Trubisky might have the toughness to learn on the go as an early starter.”

Chad Reuter

Watson to Browns: “Hue Jackson will love Watson's physical attributes and his leadership skills.”

Garrett to 49ers: “The 49ers get a difference-making pass rusher.”