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Golden Nuggets: It’s Super Bowl Weekend

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, February 4th 2017

So the 49ers went and hired John Lynch. Pretty sure no one saw that one coming. At first I was downright shocked at the hire. Once the news came in to make it painfully obvious the guy had zero experience, I wondered if Jed York learned anything from hiring Mike Singletary.

Foot in my mouth so far for Lynch. Dude gets Adam Peters and now he may go after Gary Kubiak as well. He does that, he’s got a front office with some football guys who not only A: are some of the brightest minds in the business and B: is surrounding himself by people who are smarter than him. That’s good management in any business. Some managers want to make sure everyone isn’t a threat to them in the work place or will make them look bad. It’s all about the ego. Look no further than to the comments about Matt Millen (allegedly).

Lynch’s comments in interviews have left me teetering towards optimistic and with him going—and getting known commodities means that he won’t only surround himself with brighter minds than him, he can also get them. Jim Tomsula was someone who tried to do this, but couldn’t get anyone to come work for him. Lynch clearly has made some invaluable connections and if things continue, I’ll quell the skepticism for hiring an experience broadcaster for a role he has zero experience in.

In other news, we have a Super Bowl this weekend—in case you haven’t heard. This should be a fun game. Two of the better offenses in the NFL will be going against each other and it should lead to something exciting for four quarters, rather than me doing two then looking to clean out the supply of spicy nacho Doritos. Happy Super Bowl, be faithful, the 49ers are going back to one of these soon if all of these hires are as good as we all hope they are. Here’s your links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...