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Steve Young discusses the anxiety he suffered much of his life

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San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young recently released a memoir titled QB: My Life Behind the Spiral. While Young was among the all-time greats at the quarterback position, the book goes into his life-long battle with separation anxiety. Coupled with the always high expectations when he entered the USFL and then the NFL, it created for rough times for Young.

Earlier today, Young made an appearance on the CBS program Sunday Morning. He talked about the anxiety he dealt with for much of his life. It includes interviews with Young, his wife, and 49ers tight end Brent Jones. Young and Jones were roommates, and it sounds like Jones provided a lot of help for Young to get over his anxiety before games.

It is always fascinating to learn more of the personal details about some of the athletes we watch on Sunday. It’s a fun interview, so give it a watch.