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Doug Baldwin, Malcolm Jenkins talk about the movement Colin Kaepernick started

We are seeing more players involved in their community on issues of race. A couple of them discussed the movement on FOX’s Super Bowl pre-game show.

Super Bowl 51 kicks off in a couple hours, and the National Anthem will be a little more interesting than usual. All season long, various players have either taken a knee, raised a fist, or locked arms with teammates. Colin Kaepernick started it back in August during a preseason game, and while it has been fairly quiet in recent weeks, it is still happening from time-to-time.

In FOX’s pre-game show, Doug Baldwin and Malcolm Jenkins discussed the protests and the work that is being done in communities and with politicians. They point to Kaepernick’s knee as what got things going. Kaepernick has continued to take a knee, but he also followed that up with donations to various local community groups (that will eventually total $1 million), and starting up his Know Your Rights camps.

Baldwin and Jenkins are among the athletes who are finding ways to do more in their community to build a better relationship with the police. There is a lot of work still to be done, but seeing this growing over the past six months has been a sight to behold. You can check out the segment above.