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I won’t fight the Tom Brady-Joe Montana debate anymore

We just witnessed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots stormed back from a 28-3 deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. They drove 91 yards in 2:33 and managed a touchdown and extra point to tie the game and force overtime. They then drove 75 yards on eight plays to score and end the game on the first drive of overtime.

We have had endless debates about who is the greatest quarterback of all time. Joe Montana has been the guy we’ve fought for over and over again. Whether it be the undefeated Super Bowl record or the clean sheet with no interceptions, we have made that debate time and again.

I still contend it is hard to declare a single player the greatest given how different things are across eras, but for the purposes of this one, Tom Brady has earned the praise many will give him as the greatest quarterback of all time. The Super Bowl losses and the interceptions are there, but what he did on Sunday against the Falcons was absolutely amazing, and a thrill to watch.

Earlier this weekend, Montana talked about how Sammy Baugh and Otto Graham don’t get nearly enough credit as great QBs. His point was that comparing across eras is difficult. It remains that way in discussing Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady, but I tip my cap to Brady. You can’t make a much stronger case for G.O.A.T.