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That Super Bowl 51 commercial for Mexican avocados was great

We’ll have plenty to discuss about Super Bowl 51 and Kyle Shanahan, but I figured we could also have some fun with last night’s commercials. Super Bowl commercials are often very entertaining, and Super Bowl 51 was no different. There were some clunkers, but there were quite a few really solid commercials.

Two of the most provocative were Budweiser’s ad about their immigrant heritage, and Audi’s feminist commercial. However, the funniest might have been the commercial for Mexican avocados. It aired early in the game, and hit on all sorts of fun stuff. It focused on conspiracy theories. Aside from the potential ribbing by Mexico of the United States and its conspiracies, it hit on Deflate-gate and Antonio Brown live-streaming from the locker room a couple weeks back.

You can watch the video above. What were your favorite commercials from Sunday?