The Toad and the Scorpion

90% of Articles out there was blaming Kyle and Ryan. I didn't notice it until I went on here last night. So I rewatched the game again. Then read articles about the Super Bowl. First 3 last night all blamed Kyle's play calling. And now tons more articles are blaming him. He's getting crucified out there starting from the last 9 minutes of the 4th quarter. They all pointed to the sack fumble that cut the lead to 8. Then the pass plays that took them out of field goal range in his last series. They're all right. And Kyle had no choice but to take the blame this morning.

But that's how Kyle blew away Seattle and Gbay to get in the Super Bowl. That's how Kyle played all year. And that's what made me like him. Because of his aggressiveness. I don't like play calls that slow down the game in the 4th quarter by running and running and chipping at the clock 2 minutes at a time then punt as the other Teams slowly inches for a win. We've all seen that numerous times before. There's tons of Data on that throughout History. And that's not Kyle's style of play. If he's a conservative coach he's not going to be the #1 offense in the league.

There's the running factor too. Coleman went down. And Freeman was getting stopped. That Patriots Defense was fighting hard. That's why he attacked it like what he did against Seattle and Gbay.

There's also the time of possession discrepancy. Patriots had the ball around twice as long as the Falcons. How do you prevent that? NE ran over 90 plays to the Falcons 40 plays +. So their Defense got tired. But it wasn't the Offense fault. They're not the smash mouth Harbaugh team. I was calling for running plays up the middle but that would have gotten stopped. Plus they don't have Coleman remember. Those are big factors in the play calling. They also lost their RG. And Mack has a broken leg in the middle. All Factors in the play calling.

The Falcons are more of the old Buffalo Team ran by Jim Kelly. Uh, his nephew Chad Kelly would run Kyle's offense like his uncle. That would be awesome if we pick him in the 4th round.

Anyways Brady threw 60+ passes. That's unconventional right there too and he had like a 60-80 QB rating in the first half. And Ryan had a perfect 154 QB rating because of the play calling leading up to the 4th. Brady's stat line in the 4th quarter is like what QB's stat lines looks like for a whole game in a win. It's impressive and Kyle and the Falcons just got Brady'd. The Patriots Defense just played lights out. The Falcons Defense just got owned by Brady.

Who in here thought that Brady wasn't going to pull another last minute miracle in the last 3 minutes of the game with the score 20-28? I took a flyer on him on the Bovada live-app and got 4-1 odds on the money line. Because I was stuck. I had to hedge my losing bet on Kyle in the 3rd at -19 points. I had to cover my other losing bet in the 4th at -15. And I would have bet on the Falcons again but they took away the point spreads and threw up the money line bets in the last few minutes. The Falcons was favored by 7-1 in the last 3 minutes. Plus they had a 95% chance of winning. But I already lost my earlier bets because I thought it was going to be a blowout because of Kyle's aggressive approach to the game. I knew he was going to answer Brady's scores with scores of his own. But I was not about to cover it by betting 700 to win 100 on the Falcons. And they closed the point spread betting already. So I became a Brady fan in the last few minutes of the game. And don't ever tell Brady the odds. And that's how crazy that game went. One of the best Super Bowls I've seen since the 49ers Dynasty. It reminds me of the 4 Super Bowls the Bills lost. And how unlucky they were that they played the Titans of the Super Bowl, our old Dynasty Team. Now it's NE's Dynasty that's reigning in the NFL. It's their time.

Remember the Toad and the Scorpion?

The Scorpion asked the Toad to give him a ride on his back across the Pond.

The Toad said,"no way, why should I do that? You will sting me."

But the Scorpion says," I'm not going to do that, if I did then we both drown."

So the Toad carried him across and when they were in the middle of the Pond the Scorpion stings him.

And the Toad asked him,"why did you do that for?"

And the Scorpion replied," because I couldn't help myself, it's in my nature."

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