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The argument for Kyle Shanahan being too aggressive vs. too conservative

I can work with this.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Kyle Shanahan to a six-year contract on Monday, and he will meet with the media later this week at Levi’s Stadium. Shanahan will get plenty of questions about his play-calling from Super Bowl 51.

With an eight point lead and simply needing to run the ball to set up a field goal, the Falcons tried to get aggressive. Execution issues were a big part of the problem, but people will continually point to simply needing to run the ball.

I came across a great comment about the play-calling and what to think about it as fans of the team’s new head coach. I don’t think things are quite this black and white, but I think it makes a good point. Aggressiveness can be concerning at times, but not having that killer instinct can also be a bigger problem in some ways.