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Approval poll: How do you rate the hiring of Kyle Shanahan?

We’ve known this was going to happen, but now it is finally done. How do you like the decision to hire Kyle Shanahan?

The San Francisco 49ers officially hired Kyle Shanahan to become their next head coach, following two weeks of the worst kept secret in sports. I suppose anything could have derailed this, but it was all but a given that the deal was going to get done.

It is now officially done, and it is time to rate the hiring. This is Kyle Shanahan’s first head coaching job, and he is coming off last night’s excruciating Super Bowl loss, but how does this hiring shake out for you following a month-long search process that wound its way across the country?

Go ahead and rate the hiring on a scale of 1 (worst decision) to 10 (best decision). We’ll check back later this week after his first press conference, and once the decision has had a chance to marinate a little bit.